Bank robber dupes Santander staff into handing over £150,000 by posing as security guard

A criminal who pretended to be a security guard managed to con staff at a Santander branch into handing over £150,000.

The man walked into a branch of the bank in Brixton, South London wearing a uniform including a helmet and visor and claiming he worked for the security company G4S.

He then persuaded staff to hand him six boxes containing a total of £150,000 – each one had £25,000 inside.

It is believed the criminal showed fake ID as way of ‘proving’ who he was before taking the boxes two at a time even though they’re only meant to be carried one at a time.

Staff at the Santander branch then got suspicious when the man didn’t return to sign for the boxes.

A source has told the Sun that it’s being referred to as the “Noah’s Ark job” as the boxes were taken out two by two.

The source said: “Staff went outside and were shocked to see no guard or van. He had vanished into thin air with the money.

“Staff called G4S to be told no collection was due.”

It was then that the realisation hit Santander staff.

Another source has told the Sun that the man wasn’t actually wearing a G4S uniform, adding that “questions have to be asked”.

Usually these cash boxes have codes dyes which, if the box is opened, drench both the bank notes and whoever is trying to open them.

But it’s believed an insider helped in the operation.

Santander has confirmed that it is working closely with the police to get to the bottom of this unusual crime. Metropolitan Police say no arrested have been made as they continue to investigate.

G4S is not commenting at this time.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: “On Tuesday, 5 July police received a report of burglary after a quantity of cash was stolen from a commercial property in Brixton Road, SW9.

“Officers from the Met’s Flying Squad are investigating and enquiries are ongoing. No arrests have been made.”